Where is AI/ML actually adding value at your company?

Artificial intelligence is everywhere, promising to replace radiologists, truck drivers, and Go players all the same. Where has it made impacts in everyday companies? Fast.ai has an abbreviated list.

    • Predicting if a part scanned with an acoustic microscope has internal defects
    • Find duplicate entries in a large, unclean data set
    • Product recommendations
    • Course recommendations
    • Topic detection
    • Pattern clustering
    • Understand the 3D spaces scanned by customers
    • Dynamic selection of throttle threshold
    • EEG interpretation

  • Predict which end users are likely to churn for our customers
  • Automatic data extraction from web pages
  • Model complex interactions in electrical grids in order to make decisions that improve grid efficiency
  • Sentiment classification
  • Detecting fraud
  • Credit risk modeling
  • Spend prediction
  • Loss prediction
  • Fraud and AML detection
  • Intrusion detection
  • Email routing
  • Bandit testing
  • Optimizing planning/ task scheduling
  • Customer segmentation
  • Face- and document detection
  • Search/analytics
  • Chat bots
  • Topic analysis
  • Churn detection
  • Phenotype adjudication in electronic health records
  • Asset replacement modeling
  • Lead scoring
  • Semantic segmentation to identify objects in the users environment to build better recommendation systems and to identify planes (floor, wall, ceiling) to give us better localization of the camera pose for height estimates
  • Classify bittorrent filenames into media classify bittorrent filenames into media categories
  • Predict how effective a given CRISPR target site will be
  • Check volume, average ticket $, credit score and things of that nature to determine the quality and lifetime of a new merchant account
  • Anomaly detection
  • Identify available space in kit from images
  • Optimize email marketing campaigns
  • Investigate & correlate events, initially for security logs
  • Moderate comments
  • Building models of human behavior to provide interactive intelligent agents with a conversational interface
  • Automatically grading kids’ essays
  • Predict probability of car accidents based on the sensors of your smartphone
  • Predict how long JIRA tickets are going to take to resolve
  • Voice keyword recognition
  • Produce digital documents in legal proceedings
  • PCB autorouting

Source: Where is AI/ML actually adding value at your company? · fast.ai

Howard Chen
Associate Informatics Officer at Cleveland Clinic Imaging Institute
(Howard) Po-Hao Chen, MD MBA is the Associate Informatics Officer at the Cleveland Clinic Imaging Institute and a musculoskeletal radiology subspecialist. He has an interest in data-driven radiology, quality improvement, and innovation. Howard has an MD and MBA from Harvard University, and he finished training with fellowships in musculoskeletal radiology, nuclear medicine, and clinical imaging informatics in June 2018 from University of Pennsylvania.

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