What’s in a Date?

Somewhat surprisingly, one of the most challenging types of data to deal with is the simple date. We all know that programming languages are great at manipulating numbers, but the ability to deal with dates is wildly inconsistent from language to language.

Joe Wildenberg
Joe Wildenberg, MD/PhD is an interventional radiology fellow at University of Pennsylvania. His interests include applying data science to radiology and medical data, interventional radiology, and traveling the world.

Joe will finish training in June 2018 and is moving back to Wisconsin to practice with the Mayo Clinic Health System.

2 Responses to “What’s in a Date?

  • Wayne McDermott
    6 years ago

    Hello Joe, thanks very much for this. I see you enjoy travelling so let me know when you are in Brisbane Australia and I will buy you a beer.

  • Thank you for sharing

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