How Predictive Analytics Helps Assess Your Missing Data

For years, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has provided claims Physician/Supplier Procedure Summary Master File for any researcher  willing to pay for its access at $250 per year requested.

Every year starting 2012, CMS also releases a Public Dataset free of charge, including all physician claims of all procedures.  For privacy reasons, the public dataset includes only volumes greater than 10.

In this quest, I begin with the hope to use the 2014 public dataset to investigate lumbar punctures as performed by radiologists, neurologists, and other providers.  Then, as I encounter limitations to the public dataset, the remainder of the quest is dedicated to investigating this issue.

To follow along, set up your computer using the following Python tutorials: Alternatively, start a free Jupyter notebook from Azure Notebooks.
Howard Chen
(Howard) Po-Hao Chen, MD MBA is a radiology chief resident at Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. He has an interest in data-driven radiology, quality improvement, and innovation.

Howard will finish training with fellowships in musculoskeletal radiology and nuclear medicine in June 2018 from University of Pennsylvania.

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