Free Data Science E-books from O’Reilly

No, I’m not affiliated with tech publishing giant O’Reilly.

However, they are giving out 7 dozens of free e-books, so I don’t mind sharing the love a little bit.

The covered topics go from general to technical, and most are in an essay format written to be accessible.  Here are a few interesting ones (based on my highly accurate assessment method of “flipping through and skimming around”):

  • The Business of Genomic Data
  • Data, Technology, & the Future of Play
  • Music Science
  • Data and Social Good
  • Mapping Big Data
Howard Chen
(Howard) Po-Hao Chen, MD MBA is a radiology chief resident at Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. He has an interest in data-driven radiology, quality improvement, and innovation.

Howard will finish training with fellowships in musculoskeletal radiology and nuclear medicine in June 2018 from University of Pennsylvania.

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