Creating a RSNA Word Cloud

The RSNA conference will take place in Chicago in 1 month. If you’ve already started looking at the meeting program, you might get the same sense of excitement as the rest of us – this can be one of the most topical and exciting RSNA conferences. However, for the first time attendees, RSNA can be quite easy to get disoriented by all the opportunities available.

My wife and I went to the RSNA 2015 conference together because she has heard so much about it. Shortly before arriving at the McCormick center from the hotel shuttle, she asked me, “So SIIM is about informatics, AUR is about academic radiology, so what is this conference supposed to be about?” I didn’t have a good answer. “Everything radiology” just doesn’t seem to be a good enough answer.

In this Quest, we will try to tackle that question in a visual way.

To follow along, set up your computer using the following Python tutorials: Alternatively, start a free Jupyter notebook from Azure Notebooks.
Howard Chen
(Howard) Po-Hao Chen, MD MBA is a radiology chief resident at Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. He has an interest in data-driven radiology, quality improvement, and innovation.

Howard will finish training with fellowships in musculoskeletal radiology and nuclear medicine in June 2018 from University of Pennsylvania.

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